Facilitators International
Helping National Church Leaders Get The Job Done.


Southport Presbyterian Church
We at Southport Presbyterian Church support Facilitators International for several reasons: 1) The founders of Facilitators, Charlie and Phyllis Spicer, were members of SPC and supported in their missions work by us for years, and we wanted to continue to support them in this new venture. 2) Several of us know Bruce and Dee Dee Richardson who now lead Facilitators, and we wish to support them in their vital ministry as well. 3) We believe that completing the Great Commission especially through evangelism, discipleship, and the training of church leadership is important, and that Facilitators has an important role in the completion of this task. --Rev. Kevin Bausman

Grace Assembly
It is our privilege to support Facilitators International both financially and with prayer. God has raised up Facilitators at just the right time to connect churches, national leaders and ministries all over the world. Charlie Spicer founded Faciliators to be an unbridled partner with national churches in nations across the world. You will be hard pressed to match the passion of its current leaders, Bruce and Dee Richardson.

Facilitators International opens up doors for us as a local church to support and bless ministries both inside and outside our denomination. They truly have a kingdom first mentality.

I wholeheartedly concur with their ministry philosophy of training up national workers and leaders to grow the church in various nations. This ministry of multiplication is right out of the book of Acts and I believe is God's formula for the last days harvest. We are proud to partner with Facilitators International in winning as many to Christ as we can before He returns.
--Senior Pastor Wayne Murray
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