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David Wang’s Special Report, 12 June 2008

A Special Report by David Wang, 12 June 2008

Sichuan Earthquake & Our Response

One Month.

It is now one month after 2.28pm, 12 May 2008.

The dust has settled in the disaster zone. The smell of epidemic-preventative lime is prevalent. It’s not as offensive as earlier on, when the stink of death polluted the air.

Soldiers, aid personnel, reporters, government officials, volunteers, and even the victims are falling into a routine. The place is no longer chaotic, or hectic. People move about, trying to get back to life, albeit deliberately, yet quite aimlessly. Children are attending make-shift schools in tents. Or just in the open air. High school students are preparing to take the National General Exams. Mothers and grandmothers set up open fires to cook meals. Everyone is tired of the food handouts, or instant noodles.


Myanmar: Cyclone Damages Evangelical Biblical Seminary

May 15, 2008

From: Michael Chongluai
          Yangon, Myanmar  

Dear Brother Bruce,

Hello and warmest greetings to you from Myanmar. I am truly thanking God for the saving grace and protection power that kept us safe during the time of the great cyclone in Myanmar, May 2-4. We are being kept safely in the hallow of his hand. I deeply appreciate your love and concern and most prayers. Now at last I can use my computer this night. This is the first ever letter I write after the event.  More

Please Bless China's Earthquake Victims…

… through, and with the Third Church. They are long term, strategic, leveraging & holistic.


A Special Report by David Wang, 26 May 2008

Sichuan Earthquake & Our Response

Two weeks.

It’s now two weeks after the Sichuan earthquake shook, and moved, the world. The vital facts are:

Death toll: 65,080; expected to reach 80,000 and more
Wounded: 360,058
Still Missing: 23,150
Homeless/Displaced: 15 million

The world also felt the pain and the grief. Of the tens of thousands of child fatalities, almost all were the only child of their families.


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